It began Simple and Ended Simple





Simple disappointed us during our first visit at the beginning of the summer, but this visit was quite the opposite. They amazed us with their combination of flavors and composition of colors. What is nice about Simple is that their menu changes with the season; you receive many surprises every time you go. And with that said…

It is time to say goodbye to the elegant Lake Geneva. This town provided many sweet memories for me this summer, but school is on its way. The next posts will alternate between restaurants and recipes that my husband and I have experienced or created.

Goodbye summer, and hello fall.


Baker House, Lake Geneva WI

This fabulous restaurant was a party house: from the atmosphere, to the traditional bell toast at sunset, to the assortment of hats for customers to wear. Our normal budget of 30 dollars a meal only allowed us to order the Cheese Fondue, Bruschetta Italiano, and Sprecher’s Cherry Coke. The experience made up for the high prices, and I highly recommend going if you are ever in town.

For more eloquently written words on our experience please visit my husband’s page:

Lollapalooza (food), Chicago IL

White Truffle Parmesan Popcorn (Graham Elliot’s)

Asian Pork Belly Slider

Sprouted Hummus Wrap

Hot Tamale!

Not only did I receive inspiration from the music surrounding me at Lollapalooza, but also from someone we all love dearly: Graham Elliot. I asked him one simple question while I was at his booth, Grahamwich. “What is the number one tip you would give to a potential food photographer?” Graham Elliot – “Well, act as though you were walking through a forest and all the sudden you came across this one special plate of food. As for getting into the business… follow a favorite food photographer on twitter and try getting in touch with them.” There you go, fellow food photographers. Advice from one of the top chefs in America.